Listen to your heart with Eat, Pray, Love

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I watched this movie yesterday and I loved every part of it. Even tough you are not living the same circumstances of Liz, each moment, when she takes another step to re-discover her appetite for food, life and love makes you wonder what could be different in your life. What is holding you back to move forward ? What’s trouble do you need to deal with ? Which emotions are you keeping inside you?

You are watching this movie and you really understand the turmoil that the character is living, you can relate to her, you feel connected to her and you understand her need for understanding, re-connect to her inner self, live everything behind and just live by herself.

She listened to her heart to live this journey of self-discovery, to enjoy, forgive herself and love again. This story resonated in me, to all women I think to be honest with themselves and live in harmony with the world around us. I believe this story is still a beautiful lesson for all women : reject the preconceptions, the society expectations and just listen to your heart, truly and attentively listen to it.

And ladies, Javier Bardem for me is awesome. He’s charming, kind and everything she needed. I love this ability for this movie to make us think, wonder what we can do to live differently, to empower ourselves and learn to grow. And the happy ending is present to show us, once again that love can win all battles.

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