It’s time to dare

After a fun and busy weekend, I realised that everything is coming back to the same point. In a conversation, in a meeting room, in your social life if you want to get something, you have to grab the opportunity to do it. Not necessarily the person in front of you will give it to you but there is really no time for that right now. It is maybe a  difference of culture but I learn to respect people by letting them speak. However, I had no difficulty to make my voice heard.

Now, to be honest, I really had this strong feeling entering in a conversation is like entering into a ring, a battle. And I am so shocked about it that I observe people to understand the dynamics of this verbal and non-verbal communication.

Does it mean that I am shy? No. Does it mean that I miss opportunities to raise my voice? Possibly.  However I am in a stage where I truly noticed that I am more a strategic speaker than anything else. I will speak my mind where necessary. I will interrupt to be heard and I will definitely take no shit. So today, what really occurred to me is whatever the circumstances, change your posture, stand tall, speak and raise your voice. It’s time to dare, learn, practise it again and again to make it a habit. I think the fact that I saw women taking the lead in conversations really push me to go above my boundaries and let my French accent to be more heard.

Time to dare to give a try, to let go of your inner fears, to go after what you want without drama, headache or deep analysis. Be the creator of your opportunities. Transform your goals in steps to reach them by acting for it. Everyday. Every damn day. The key to obtain what you wish is to dare and to act. Consistently. Relentlessly gorgeous. It’s time to dare.

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