White Baby Shower

On my way to a big baby shower with a dress code,  a gift list at John Lewis. This is pretty well organised by the sound of it. And with a hot weather we have today, I am going to enjoy this time away from my hubby and my choupette to cuddle them even more when I will come back.

To be honest, now that I am in a cab, chilled and relaxed I am happy. But this morning I went into panic mode when I saw the dress code and the gift list. Thankfully, I had the idea to contact the hosts before to lose the plot completely!!! and yes, I am wearing white from head to toe !

A few hours later…

My god, it’s so good to mingle, chat and laugh between women to celebrate all together the pregnancy of our friend. I don’t know who created this party but it was well thought.It is the opportunity to celebrate, take part in the incredible journey that our friend is going to live next month. Most importantly, it is a celebration of sisterhood at its best. With summertime, prosecco, infused water with mint and cucumber and good food ,everything is there to have a good (DAMN) time between women!!

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