What is your relationship with money ?

I am pretty sure you are wondering what I am talking about. And this is precisely why it’s worth to read the rest of my article. To be honest, in my thirties now, I am not so sure my relationship with money is brilliant. Money means for me emotional and material security but I know that I will be more than happy to save and buy a flat or an house later. So, I decided with Bari Tessler to spend some time to change my relationship with money.


Who is Bari Tessler ? Bari Tessler is a financial therapist, yeees (there are also financial therapists!!) and money is one of the sensitive subjects where I will be happy not to delve into it. However, to shift my attitude to money and save in a smart and savvy manner, I subscribe to receive during 7 days a pocket map for a money road map trip because it’s time to lead my life in the direction I want to.

I have to say, it’s her ability to speak about money in a compassionate manner that really attracts me. Never, ever I heard around me to be gentle, kind with myself for my mistakes around money. It was more tough love, discipline and a sort of regimented routine to keep control of my finances. However as we all know it, life is unpredictable, so it’s pretty impossible to be so strict with ourselves so much, like a strict diet, one day, we throw away our good resolutions and  will get back to our old habits.

With Bari, it’s indeed a money map which help you to remove the shame we have around money, to analyse and discover the roots of our attitude to money and to have the tools to consider money with seriousness as well as playfulness. I think we really need, more than ever to be educated about money, to have an open attitude and not be scared to learn from it. This is where Bari is really very good at. She removes all this guilt, this “Money Shame” as she called it in order to start over with a good basis. She invites us to have “Money Dates” which include chocolate, ladies, did you hear that!!!!???!!! Eating dark chocolate and learn to be savvy about money, it’s killing two birds with a stone, it’s our door to heaven !!!!!!!!!

And the cherry on the cake, she’s so funny, spontaneous and lively, you can feel it in her writing, in her first book entitled ” the Art of Money : a Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness”. Let see what her publisher say.

From her publisher, Parallax Press :

“So many of us lack a truly integrative understanding and approach to money. Bari Tessler’s gentle techniques weave together emotional depth, big-picture visioning, and refreshingly accessible, nitty-gritty money practices.  She offers readers a new approach to their relationship with money—as a path of mindfulness, a doorway into self-awareness, a training ground for self-worth, a key to unlock intimacy, and a potent opportunity for radical un-shaming, self-care, and compassion. Both she and her book are warm, fun, reassuring, and full of surprises!”

From me, this time, I am reading this book and I really like what I discover everyday. With her gentle techniques, her compassion and playfulness, she’s able to give you back the trust, the confidence you need, the hope that you can deeply change your relationship with money. More I am reading her book, more I am learning about myself, my attitude to money. This is really, for me, a nice surprise (with the help of Tara Mohr) to have discovered this brilliant therapist. I really didn’t expect to review my approach to money in such a compassionate, playful and still serious manner. However, I do agree that this is truly what you need to make peace with money: time, healing, analysis and fun. Once  I will finish her book, I will let you know ! In the meantime, just think about it, what’s your relationship with money ? 

Website : barritessler.com

Credit picture : baritessler.com

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