Bad Moms : a good reminder to have fun !

Just the name of this movie gives me the boost to smile and be proud to be a mum. The constant pressure that we have as women is horrendous. But when you are also a mum, everyone, particularly the society seems to think that we have to behave in a conventional, certain manner. Screw that. What we’re doing everyday is to love, cherish and educate our babies to be what they want to be, to be confident, polite, smart and beautiful inside and out. This is a hard and permanent job that we love. It would be much more easier if nobody didn’t give a damn about us but this is not the case. So, with all this pressure you will understand that seeing a movie entitled ” Bad Moms” is more than enticing. To mix bad with moms is already daring and indicator of a good comedy.

We need as women, more than ever to have some “me time”or a good break to recharge our batteries. I didn’t have one this year but I need to organise one, not as wild and messy like Amy in “Bad Moms” but I need where I can let my hair down, be carefree and have a great time with my girlfriends.

We are expert at juggling different matters, multitasking in our professional and private lives and stay tuned with our family. But a break gives us the opportunity to be grateful for what we have, pamper ourselves and come back even more stronger, smart and beautiful than before. So, if you hesitate, maybe just a tiny bit to leave your loved ones for some well deserved break with your friends, throw away this layer of guiltiness and have fun !!! This is, after all your time ! Make the most of it !!

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Guardians Trilogy by Nora Roberts

92% and I don’t dare to continue my reading. Why? Because I just realised that the third book of this trilogy will be released only in … December!!!!! Bloody hell, I love this story so much that I couldn’t bear to read it and wait so I stopped, to tell you how I love this fiction… despite the fact that I am scared for the characters, wants to know how would be the end, I will resist to the temptation. I even thought to read this book from the start.

I am totally in love with this book, if you want an adventure with magic, suspense, excitement, battles, pain and love you will be served and beyond your expectations because it so beautifully written and with a lot of humour, oh myyy Nora Roberts is so talented that she really blows my mind ! I wish I could write like her, create beautiful stories which attract my readers and make them feel so excited and amazed. What will you do if you are haunted by vivid dreams translating them into beautiful paintings and torn between your logic and your intuition ? Will you dare like Sasha to listen her gut feelings and follow what her dreams are telling her? Will you do it ? Open a door to embrace your destiny ? If you don’t, read this book and maybe you will dare next time to do something you’re afraid to do… you never know.

I read in three days the first book ” Stars of Fortune ” and I was gobsmacked so many times and amazed that I couldn’t wait to read the second book ” Bay of Sighs”. I am so tempted to read and know the end. Do you think I will be able to wait? to know the end of this book ? I don’t know !! Ohhh god…

If you want an action packed fiction which will blow your mind and makes you feel, dream, laugh and cry, this book is to be in your bag for your holiday, even to escape your routine it’s brilliant ! First time that I dare reading a fantastic story by Nora Roberts and I LOVE it ! Go and read it, you really will be amazed !!

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It’s such a beautiful day. I can hear the rythm of life with so much clarity and gentleness. With the light wind touching my skin, the warm kiss of the sun on my cheeks, the background music synonym of salsa, sangria and Cuba, I  feel my shoulders relax and my breath slow down to match this pace, the pace of summertime.

Chocolate girl

Avanti Press
Avanti Press

I am trying by any means for my bundle of joy to eat green. Yes, green i.e. vegetables full of goodness. I can tell you right now, I am using my skills of negotiator and a bunch of ingenuity everyday to find new ways to convince her. Mixed, pureed I tried everything. Sometimes it’s a success and I am beaming with pride and sometimes it’s a deadly failure and I want to bang my head against the wall… and trust me, she know exactly what she wants. I don’t know what she ate at the nursery but since then, she is carrying a thorough examination of her plate before to eat constantly. It’s crazy but so funny ! even with her legendary carbs. Pasta, pasta, pasta, she can eat that daily with tomato sauce and meat. For her, lasagna, spaghetti bolognese is the heaven on earth. If she can have some chocolate cookies, fruits or even a slice of chocolate pie it’s pure bliss. Like her daddy, she discovered chocolate and she loves it. Already at 3 years old… and I cannot blame her, chocolate is our treat to chill, relax and have some “me time”, so now, when I am buying some delicious chocolate for my hubby and me , I  bought some for our daughter as well.

So small and so bossy, you won’t believe it ! but I prefer this way, women need to be confident with a winning mindset and attitude. I consider my job to push my daughter to be the best she can be and to become what she want to be, a fearless and confident woman, not afraid to speak her mind and beautiful inside and out. Yes, my girl loves chocolate and she is sooo right !!!

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La Colle Noire by Christian Dior


untitledC’est rare que je porte du parfum, faute de temps de trouver le parfum qui fera toute la difference. Le parfum qui sera capable de transparaitre ma personalite sans etouffer mon interlocuteur. Le parfum qui sera a la fois diffus, delicat, epice et so feminin. Et c’est par pur hasard, vraiment, que je l’ai trouve : la Colle Noire. Drole de nom n’est-ce pas ? mais signe d’une histoire bien propre a lui -meme et a Christian Dior. La Colle Noire est le chateau de Christian Dior, un lieu de bonheur, de paradis pour le designer et createur ou il a cultive des fleurs qui font partie integrante de la signature des parfums Dior.

Ce parfum m’a seduit par sa feminite avec la Rose de Mai, son originalite par la savant combinaison avec le bois, le white musk et d’autres epices. Je n’ai jamais ete autant captive autantm trouble, intrigue et ravie de decouvrir une merveille. Merveille pour ma peau, mes sens et une joie d’avoir trouver un parfum qui me correspond. Il coute une petite fortune mais je m’en moque, je sais que je l’aurai un jour, le porterai parce qu’il sera bientot ma signature. Il y a des jours comme cela, vous savez interieurement que vous etes tombee sur un veritable bijou pour vous rendre encore plus confiante, heureuse et feminine.

It’s so good

It’s so good now, just now to feel the breeze on my skin, the freshness of the wind this morning after the heatwave from yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I truly love this hot water,  sign of summertime and pleasure but I also love every morning feel on my skin this breeze, this light touch from the wind reminding me that I love the morning, wake up very early when the world is still sleeping and being in the present without disturbance. It’s so good.