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The best to balance my body and mind : Tracy Anderson Method

Good Morning Ladies ! I just finished my workout and I completely drenched with sweat but I am feeling so much better, thank you for all these endorphins coming in my body when I am working out and want to sweat for good. As you may know, my favourite personal trainer is Tracy Anderson and I am following her streaming class that I can bring with me anywhere with my tablet. I am so grateful to have finally found the workout which suits my needs, it is  a pure rejuvenation and mind body connection when you are following her method, you truly connect with your body and empower yourself emotionally and physically.

I don’t know how may times she blew my mind by her creativity, her talent to produce every week a new workout which exceeds my expectations… and the result to be consistent with her method is way beyond my demands. It is truly for me a discovery of a lifestyle and a way to empower myself and look after me physically as well as mentally. A workout is the solution to get rid of toxic, negative thoughts, to clear your mind and to have this light bulb moment for new ideas. New ways to make your life great, extraordinary and the way you want it to be.

Not only she is an expert in a field, she created a worldwide community of women who support each other and are dedicated to her method called Tamily. All of them are truly genuine, generous, talented and like me want to feel comfortable in their own skin and realise their dreams. It is so true that when women support each other, incredible things happen. I don’t know how many inches I lost since I am following her streaming class but the comments from my hubby, friends have been a loud statement that Tracy is the best person to design my body and look after it. Her method is different, original , revolutionary and I couldn’t recommend it more. I need to be challenged constantly and she’s so far the best to balance my body and my mind.

Credit feature picture : Well+Good

4 commentaires

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