Stylist Live : Ladies, don’t miss it !

Why ? because going to this event is soooo worth it. It is truly a festival of inspiration for women, to feel listened to and coming back empowered with advice from experts in their field and assertive guidance. You will learn from award-winning chefs, mixologists, authors, entrepreneurs, nutritionists and wellness coaches in the Learning Labs, listen to debates and discussions in the Culture Lounge and attend celebrity talks on the Stylist Inspires Stage.

Time for you to build up your knowledge to start or grow your business or to learn coding, negotiate or communicate confidently. I am telling you, this is only the start of it. This is also a time to pamper yourself with plenty of beauty sponsors with special discounts on this day. No, I am not kidding. I went to Stylist Live last year and this is where I gave a try to Caudalie products that I never, ever regretted! My bambina de peau is beautiful and glowing cheekily since then.

This is especially a time where you can relax, pamper yourself, discover new products, mingle with plenty of people and having a great time where you feel good about yourself and happy to have taken this time for yourself. Where you have a mix of beauty, culture, food, serious debate and fashion at the Stylist Catwalk show supported by Swarowski. Where you can discuss with the Stylist team. Last year, I spoke with the Beauty Editor and she was really approachable and nice.

Most importantly , if you want to attend specific events, don’t wait a bit longer. Why? because once you will buy your ticket, you will have the immediate opportunity to ensure that you will have a reserved seat for one talk or workshop, one Create Lab workshop and drums rolling one catwalk show ! Of course, you can attend more than your reserved sessions on the day, on a first come, first served basis but from my experience last year, grab this opportunity to have a reserved seat because you won’t be the only woman keen to attend these events, trust me !! I just bought my ticket and I was relieved to know that I can reserve seats for the workshops I wanted to attend. We all have something we want to learn or be inspired by others and this festival of culture, career and beauty is the best place ever to do that !

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