Infused water : so peppy, healthy, tasty !

I think it’s time. Yes time to make an effort when I know it is good for me.I really sick at it but now I have no choice. Summertime is here in London. Hot weather means I  need to drink and more than 1.5 litres per day. I love hot weather but I also like to be ready for it…and difficult to be is an understatement in United Kingdom. When I think that three weeks ago,  I was still wearing tights because it was so cold…this hotness is a brutal change for me. But I am so damn happy to feel the need to wear my sunglasses and protect my skin from the sun.

Most importantly I  need to drink.Still water is not my forte even tough I know water is essential as a fuel for my body to remain balanced and bring all the goodness to the cells of my body. I do remember last year to see progressively my colleagues add some vibrancy to their still water by adding lemon, cucumber, mint or strawberries.And I loved it.A fresh, vibrant bottle of water is more attractive to drink than just still water.

So given that I am soooo need to keep my body hydrated and do not faint in a tube (if you know what I mean!!) I decided to give a try to this healthy alternative to drink water.

I added slices of orange and lemon with some mint leaves, a pinch of ice water and I was done for the day. Knowing that this vibrant bottle was in my bag, I didn’t stop to drink all the time. I really believe to the power of colors to lighten our mood and make us happy…and this is really working. I love vibrant colours and actively bring the goodness to my body. This is simple, smart and healthy. Do it ladies, you won’t regret it.

OK it requires a minimum of preparation and some time to think about the mix of fruits, vegetables you can make but it’s so worth it. And…. it’s really tasty and so refreshing! Everything we need to be ready for the day and kick some ass! Let me tell you something, if I just need to do that to be healthy and keep my body happy I will do it without hesitation !!

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