What’s your passion?

In our twenties, women are competitive, hungry to step the career ladder and eager to put up with the additional hours to succeed. In our thirties, we experienced the joy and rules of the management and corporate world, deal with issues and realise that fighting is not always the solution. It is when we had all this light bulb moment which is a real shaker for our career…we start to question ourselves: hey gorgeous, again you feel  misunderstood and not listened, is it really worth to fight again ? yes again ?!?! So you really want to stick to this company/job all your life? Don’t you aspire for something better?

Yes, when we start to assess where you are, it’s time ladies to just ask you this question : What’s your passion? When does time pass most quickly for you? Which skill do you want to excel at? If you could have more time to spend in one area, what would it be?

Take the time one day to write your passions. To write down your core strengths  and look for patterns. To identify which passion drive you everyday to raise the bar, to be truly authentic and exceed your own expectations. Take the time for it because at first you can either be lost, maybe puzzled or very focused. Push away all these negative thoughts or this crazy lady which can hinder your enthusiasm or your analysis. Be kind and write down everything coming to your mind. This is your list, you’re not going  to publish it on Twitter or WordPress ! This the time to put yourself first and listen to your inner aspirations. We all have one isn’t it?!

Call your friends and ask for help. Ask them their point of view. Your true friends will be always honest with you and you will receive insightful comments from them, you will even discover that you have skills or passions you weren’t aware, it’s happening quite a lot ! Most importantly by doing that, you will invest in yourself to find the job matching your passions and will be able to take action to make this career move, to have this dream job closer to you. Yes gorgeous !! now time to put all the effort just for yourself !

Next article : Taking action to create opportunities for who? for you gorgeous !

Credit featured picture : Refinery29

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