Some Romantic Touches, A Spark of Passion And Dazzling Talent: Welcome In Ava Miles World

Credit picture : amazon
Credit picture : amazon

I accidentally discovered this author, trying to read a book by Nora Roberts. In fact, she has asked Nora R. if she could make a reference to her books and some of those heroines … and Nora said yes! Surprised and intrigued by this turn of events, I took the opportunity to read the book by Ava Miles that I devoured entitled Nora Roberts Land , first book in the series Dare Valley. All the elements of an excellent novel interlock to perfection and you are so spellbound to know more than you do not realize that the history interests you! Intrigue, duplicity, passion, romance, danger, eroticism, all is present for you to read this book to find out if heroin Meredith will regain its self-confidence, her femininity after a difficult divorce.

It is worth adding that the dilemmas of Meredith and his alter ego lead her to excel, to stand up for herself when the opportunity occurs as well as to reaffirm herself as a woman. This book is in my opinion a celebration of our resilience, our ability to bounce back from difficulties and/or painful situations but also a reaffirmation to believe in yourself, to give the powers to change our life. And do not forget, a touch of romance, a spark of passion, a lot of laughter and embarrassment to create a fabulous story to read!

Since then I devoured the other books by Ava Miles and I love them all. I have a preference for some but in each of these books, each character learns more about herself, grows in maturity and wisdom and succeed in fighting her inner demons. It is a pleasure to discover how each protagonist falls in love but it’s also an illustration that human beings can achieve a triumph against adversity and face any challenges. Make no mistake about the romantic side of these novels, they are really worth to be read and reread. To describe successfully the range of emotions and torments when we fall in love is not easy. Ava Miles is truly gifted to dive you head first into her fantasy world with engaging characters, temperamental and friendly. At the moment I am reading her first book of Once Upon A Dare Series  “The Gate to Everything,” as soon as I finished it, I will tell you more about it!

Dare Valley series
Nora Roberts Land
French Toast
The Grand Opening
The Holiday Serenade
The Town Square
Daring Declarations
The Park of Sunset Dreams
The Perfect Ingredient
The Bridge to a Better Life

Series Dare Valley Meets Paris

La série Dare River
Country Heaven
Country Heaven Songbook
Country Heaven Cookbook
The Chocolate Garden
The Chocolate Garden : A Magical Tale
Fireflies and Magnolias
The Promise of Rainbows

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