Intuitive Fitness : Listen to your body

When you are committed to do your workout everyday or as much as you can, it’s time to pause and step back a minute. It’s exhilarating to feel energised, more dynamic and positive than ever after your workout but don’t forget that each time you are working your muscles, you are stressing them to change. More you will be consistent and more you will see results, I don’t deny it. It’s true and simple as a rule for life : be consistent to succeed.

However let’s not forget an important point. It is vital to listen to your body. Your body will send you the messages to let you know its state… and sometimes your body and your mind are craving for a well deserved break. By the way, you will feel so much better to have let your muscles rest, have some holiday and come back stronger and ready to be challenged again. Our muscles are a bit like our brain, you need to challenge them like you need to have new challenges intellectually speaking for our brain to develop even further. It is a dynamic we have to follow, I agree but we are human beings not machines.

We have to develop our mind-body connection to truly be aware and listen to our body. Sometimes it’s easy like knowing when you are hungry and some days, you are so into our own bubble between work, appointments, travel, children, family that we lost track of this invaluable connection. This is what I called intuitive fitness, to know your body, to know when you can continue to move your body or make a break when necessary.

With the increased focus on health and fitness, there is a kind of craze to look after yourself and be the best version of yourself (which is great) but common sense is necessary when eating healthy and do your workout start to be a drug or an obsession. It is where it’s time to take back the control, use your intuitive skills and stop this craziness. For good. This is a question of balance as always. Seek this balance and everything will fall into place. It’s hard work and fundamental to reach the state of intuitive fitness. In a nutshell , listen to your body.

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