Michael Kors : What’s his secret ?

Ok, it has been for months that I need to speak about him. Yes, Michael Kors. I started to know his name by the sight of his bags bought by so many women in different colors, different sizes and everywhere in London. It was like an increasing craze with no end to it. Everywhere, in the train, the bus, in the restaurants, at work I saw his brand. EVERY-WHERE. It was manic and I was so intrigued by it.  This is why I started to ask questions to my friends to have their point of view for this craving for Michael Kors accessories, bags and clothes. Some of them insisted on the quality, others on the style but I still didn’t get the rationale to buy a bag from Michael Kors.

I admit he is talented to make his brand known, I don’t know who is his Advertising Director but this person has done a fantastic job to convince plenty of people to trust Michael Kors. He managed by his authenticity to create some products which convey a message of cool luxury, good vibes and difference. Most importantly, he understood women’s needs (from an early age, he was surrounded by strong women having different styles as well as being confident in their own skin) : we dream to have a luxury bag affordable in terms of price and a bag we can use everywhere. And this is not something easy to find. For instance, I love the Italian brand Tod’s but I really don’t see myself carrying a Tod’s bag to go to work. I found it a bit too much and I prefer to keep it for a special occasion… and by the way I do not have a Tod’s bag yet in my closet !!

I think his mentality down to earth and his ability to provide everyday luxury is key to its success. What I like is that if you like one of his bags, you can buy it in so many different colours, it’s great because he created a variety of products with a large diversity of colours… and we as women love the difference. To be different from one another, to make an impact by our uniqueness and our style, by embracing our personality and to be more confident. And the cherry on the cake…it is affordable for our budget !

Now I understand more the fashion phenomenon behind his name because it started also in US first. And most of the time, what is coming from US will work in UK. Some models like Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington – Whiteley love his bags. Michelle Obama wore several times his clothes for different events like Obama’s first inaugural reception. His style is out of ordinary, different with a modern confidence that everyone wants to have. I think this is definitely part of his secret to tempt everyone ! I have to admit, the last time I saw one of his watches and I really like it!!


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