Music is everything

b34a927263b5c7a8164c6b563d69f34aSince my childhood music  is source of joy, fun and passion. This is one of the things I can’t live without it. Whatever your mood,  your state of mind, music has the ability to shift your attitude, to either soothe you, energise you or saddens you. More importantly music can be your ally, your partner to alleviate your stress, anxiety and help you each day to step back from the hustle and bustle of London. I see everyday in the train, the tube, in the street people listening to music with their headphones or earsets. It is an evidence once again that music is a daily part of our life. Everyone from big to small businesses, to hospitals and childcare use music as an invaluable and powerful tool for their goals.

Music is also used to work with children and adults of all ages and social backgrounds with a range of issues including : eating, communication disorders, anxiety, addiction and behavioural and emotional difficulties. Music therapy can be particularly helpful when emotions are too confusing to express verbally. Music therapy is a psychological therapy that aims to facilitate positive changes in emotional wellbeing and communication through the engagement in live musical interaction between client and therapist.

I also learnt to my daughter to enjoy music and dance to the fullest, to express her joie de vivre constantly and to be familiar and confident with her body. This is, I think something you should learn to each child : be comfortable with your body, know how to move it and embrace dancing, moving which is the celebration of life. I don’t want for her to feel ashamed of it or to feel clumsy with it. We are how we move. Music is part of my DNA.

I  learnt recently that music is the best tool for babies to learn how to speak due to the repetitive intonation patterns of a nursery rhyme or song. They are developing their verbal and physical coordination as well as their rhythm. This is brilliant and so playful that they don’t see it as an exercise but as a funny and entertaining game. I really love the idea of learning by having fun, particularly at this age.

Music is everywhere. It is from my point of view one of the best hobby to have and it is so rewarding emotionally. Music is everything because life would be devoid of meaning, joy, passion, love, without the expressions of our emotions owing to the music. Music is definitely everything.

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