The best of the best : Sensibio from Bioderma

wp-1466573797372.jpgI tried without it. Replace it and convince me that I can buy it later. To tell me that my adorable Cleansing Milk Tolerance Extreme will do, will be enough to clean, protect my bambina skin of the small impurities that swarm in the air. To convince me, so that I can live without it, particularly that my bambina skin can manage without it. I was sooo wrong … Today I capitulated. Without shame I underestimated the efficiency of this treatment. Why ? because my bambina skin lost its glow, its zest and showed me the result of it in the mirror this morning… if you know what I mean…! Yes, I confirm my adorable Bioderma Sensibio adulated, acclaimed by all is essential to cleanse my skin while preserving the hydrolipidic film of my skin.

I found a very nice deal, two Sensibio bottles for the price of one and I did not hesitate to get me this excellent French care internationally recognised by us all. Sensibio is the bespoke care for our bambina skin. I can’t wait to cleanse my skin with this gentle micelle solution to see my bambina skin regain its colors, its small bubbles of happiness and make me a wink next time.

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Credit picture :

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