Pretty and clever with them !

They help me see better, protects me against tiredness created by the screens and help me stay pretty in all circumstances. It’s amazing how it helps me every day to see the world and people around me and I do not even realise it. It is only when I think to change them that I remember it is an ally, a good friend on whom I rely heavily! It is my pair of glasses ! so functional, practical and pretty to the point that I forget his presence !

I prefer to wear glasses as lenses, the idea of approaching my eye a little closer is not my style and that’s why I converted to glasses since I’ve needed . What I love most of all is the challenge and the pleasure to find THE pair of glasses that suit me like a glove. It is for this reason that I particularly look and seeks to remain class, cool and funky with them. And yes, I have come to the dilemma to replace them or rather the challenge to find MY next partner in crime! With them, I feel more confident and it returns to the world an image of me that I like: pretty but intelligent. I always found that people wearing glasses have a more serious, more business like “there is no way to mess around with them!” and the world of work confirmed that I was not wrong!

I’m looking for them and when I will find them, I’ll let you know! For now, here are the styles I like. And next challenge: find my dreamy sunglasses !

Vision Direct Australia

4 thoughts on “Pretty and clever with them !

  1. I totally agree. I’m a glass wearer since I can remember. Throughout the years I find them very fashionable and quite an accessory.
    I am in the process of having a new pair ☺ and I think big frames like your selection

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