Enjoy Sunshine Eating !

Good morning sunshines !

Thanks to Instagram, I discovered a blogger @eatwithfingers and I am in awe with her vibrant and colorful plates of food. I love eating fruits and vegetables full of colours, Summertime is there and I am craving fresh, vibrant and healthy food always during this time. My mind, my heart is light, positive with good and energetic vibes, I am able to turn any negative point into a positive one after having experienced a hectic and stressful time last month. God, I  love challenges but this one was tough emotionally and mentally. Thank goodness this time passed, I am coming back stronger and I can, again fully enjoy the present time. Sorry I digress.

Sunshine eating is for me the celebration of colorful eating food. I am craving this constantly as if all my body and mind switched to embrace Summer. Especially with the IG of @eatwithfingers, I am in love again with fruits. Peaches, strawberries, raspberries, nectarines, grapefruit, pineapple, cherries, oranges oh my, just take the time to buy one organic and ripe peach and take the time to eat it. From the first mouthful, you will taste and feel all the freshness, sweetness of the fruit, this sounds unbelievable but it’s not, it’s not magic it’s just life, feeling alive and feel it with all your senses, the smell, the taste…it is pure bliss and so accessible when we are slowing down to enjoy what we are eating. This is what is also sunshine eating. Taking the time to enjoy your food to fully appreciate and feel the goodness of it. A reminder that to feel alive, embrace our life we just need to slow down to truly live, love and laugh.

Enjoy sunshine eating, summertime and today is YOUR day to kick some ass! Have a fabulous day guys !

Credit picture : @eatwithfingers

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