Mois: juin 2016

Motherhood: a rewarding job with a bunch of valuable skills

When my daughter is born, my heart was ready to explode by the overwhelming love and joy I have to carry my baby in my arms. We have to admit it, we are totally focused on our baby and we will do anything to make them happy. Without knowing it, day after day, you will master several skills to follow the routine of your baby as well as running a house and manage other tasks. You will become an expert at organising, making mental lists of everything you need to have and to do to make your life easier – shopping food online, paying bills, cleaning, washing machine, find the new Airbnb flat for the next holiday, make the appointments to the pediatrician, attend stay and play sessions, baby yoga massage for your bundle of joy, meal planning, visit to family abroad etc… and this is just a brief view of what I used to manage. You are also fantastic at multitasking, you know exactly what you can do in a specific time to get …

Me too by Meghan Trainor

These are the words popping in my mind when I am listening to this song : Fun, light and an original celebration to love yourself. Yes, sometimes you do not need to be loved, you just need to love yourself, stop to beat yourself up and to compare yourself to everyone. You are beautiful the way you are now. If you want to become the best of yourself, work for it, believe in yourself and empower yourself. Easier said than done but this is truth. So, first love yourself and enjoy this fun, funky song that I really LOVE ! Enjoy your Sunday everyone and take care ! Credit featured picture : Spotify

Honesty, Love, Laugh and Sistas for ever

There are some feelings that we cannot forget when you are overwhelmed by a rising anger, that you call your friends for help and advice but more importantly to speak your mind , listen to them and let go of your anger, of these strong emotions which can leave you breathless and engulfed in a darkness bubble. Always, reach for your circle of friends. They are the ones to give you a kick in your ass, to remind you who you are and confirm that your feelings are normal and you need to deal with them…and move on. I miss my friends, they are all over the world but just with one call, I can hear them and feel so much better to be understood. This is priceless ans so precious that I will always be here for my friends to support them during the high and lows of their life. They know how to reassure me, listen to me and especially, they’re always, always honest with me whatever the circumstances and they always make …