Capricci : That’s amore !

I love Italian food . Why ? because their food in its simplicity becomes refined , because they have an approach to life that is reflected in their dishes, good, simple and fun. Their cheeses leave me speechless while their local products are mouth-watering . All this makes me want to taste, savor their dishes with the honor they should have. I discovered a small deli/Italian restaurant with my Italian colleague that swept our doubts and exceeded our expectations. Reception ? welcoming. Service ? flawless. Quality ? unbelievable ! Taste ? an explosion of flavors cleverly combined to delight you and give you pleasure !

This restaurant/deli is the result of 30 years experience to seek the highest quality products and ingredients in Italy and to make you discover and enjoy the delicacy of the Italian cooking. I love eating quality food and went back several times and have never been disappointed. I discover every time the Italian products and their innate talent to make a tasty and succulent dish.

The menu is changing on a weekly basis and this is a dream come true : eating Italian in a relaxed, cosy atmosphere and enjoy a high quality meal. Everything is made or coming from Italy and you know that Italy like France is the nestle of the gastronomy . Each time I am going to Capricci , I  am leaving happy, rested as if I took a mini break from the hustle and bustle of London. Time is slowing down and I can reflect on the past days and think clearly, calmly without interruption. A little haven to eat and restore my energy.

You can also buy some products in Capricci to savor them comfortably nestled in your sofa. I  needed frankly to share this best kept secret with you because it’s too good to be hidden ! You have to enjoy the deliciousness of their menu to fully appreciate the Italian food. This is not something to be missed or forgotten. The cherry on the cake is that their prices are more than reasonable for your budget when you want to indulge yourself with good, very good , excellent quality food. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to win !

Capricci – Buon Gusto Italiano, 72, Block C NEO Bankside, 70 Holland Street, London SE1 9 NX

Credit picture : leptitblogdejolia

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