Ohhh for the love of God!!!

What’s the matter with them ? Why, when it’s time to learn and listen, they become real drama queens raising their concerns, worries as if these minor things will change their world ? I don’t get it and I start to be increasingly annoyed by them.

I used to treat their diatribes lightly, still, however open to understand and calm down their worries but this time I reached my boundaries. I accumulated progressively infuriated resentment, anger when they are jumping to conclusions and making fucking assumptions…and trust me it’s not nice to see me furious, the dark force is within me and my eyes are speaking more than my words ! Today I realised that I needed to speak my mind, spill the beans and re-adjust the situation…and I did it…feeling still annoyed but at least more peaceful than before.

What I learned is that  I need to observe, OK, but always act quickly to communicate and stop to drama, bring them back to reality, shake them ( if I can) and make them understand the stupidity of their comments. They are lovely, generous, attentive and understandable BUT when it’s time to deal with their children , THIS is another matter. Oh by the way, I am talking about men, men in general who can lose the plot when their bundles of joy challenge their boundaries everyday!

Credit picture : patreon.com

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