Mangajo : a bunch of goodness in one drink !

Mangajo, what’s this name bring to your mind ? Novelty, travel, exotism, india ? If these words pop in your mind you’ re not too far from the truth. The same thoughts pop in my mind and also a real curiosity for this new product.

I discovered this drink with my man at Planet Organic. One day, he decided to give it a try because he wanted to drink green tea differently. Mangajo made a huge difference to the manner I drink tea now. We have always the picture of the classic green tea we used to take in coffee, bars or restaurants most of the time sour, strong and not really pleasant. It is only when I discovered Choi Tea Time that I started to fully appreciate drinking green tea. A tea which is light, delicate and so full of flavours, taking the time to drink green tea is like a real ceremony, a real time to enjoy this delicate and so healthy tea. It is where Mangajo added a punch of colours and taste to this majestic tea. With a bunch from lemon, pomegranate or acai bverry , the founder of Mangajo created a refreshing blend of green tea and fruits. No nasties, no sugar added, just the natural blend of healthy fruits and green tea. Sounds like a dream, isn’t it ? Not really. I assure you. This is real and good for us. This beverage is refreshing, a real bunch of goodness and ohhhhh we are drinking green tea, the tea by excellence famous to boost weight loss, source of powerful antioxidants to protect us and help to preserve our health to its optimum.

Mangajo is a burst of hydration with the bonus to taste even better ! With the summer, there is no better way to hydrate yourself with a refreshing beverage not only tasty but fabulously healthy ! I really recommend you to give it a try, you would not be disappointed and you have the choice between different blends which are all of them different and so fresh ! Try it, you have nothing to lose !

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