If you demand quality sportwear, comfort and style, Fabletics is for you !

It’s rare that I found a product or a brand which truly live up to my expectations. I mean, we have plenty of choice and this does not mean that we are entirely happy about the products and services that we are using… seriously ! More the time is flying by, more I became increasingly demanding in terms of quality, comfort and result. I have to share this with you. Today again my favorite personal trainer Tracy Anderson challenged me once again and exceeded my expectations. When you drenched with sweat, having difficulty to follow her moves, you know that she’s the master of her TA method and there is a long way to go before you will be disappointed by her. She is telling the truth and she delivers. As simple as that with her streaming. Dear readers, forgive me for this digression, I just finished my workout.

Quality, comfort, style, these are the words popping in my mind when I think about Fabletics. I have to share this with you. I never, ever before tried to buy sportwear online. I considered myself curvy before and didn’t dare to jump on this wagon. I managed to find nice sportwear but buying online, no way ! However, since I am slimming down and going back to my size pre baby and saw countless women praising some brand sportwear like Fabletics, Liquido Active, Fit Mama, Sweaty Betty, I decided to give it a try. Let me tell you, Fabletics exceeded my expectations… and my expectations are pretty high. You have variety, style, comfort and reasonable price (when you become a VIP member). I am one of them and the personalised outfits they suggest to you are brilliant. As a VIP member, you are not obliged to buy every month, you just need to skip before the 5th of the month and it’s done !

I bought leggings, sport bra, accessories and I alway happy about my orders. It’s really a pleasure to receive a legging which fits you immediately, comfortable and so flattering. Finito worries, doubt or concerns, you can at last trust a brand which will live up to your expectations. I just bought the Hamilton long sweatpant and… oh myyyyyyyy I tried it immediately and magic happened : I am in love with it. Designed in California, it is made of cozy French terry fabric with a relaxed fit, it’s flattering, comfy and created with French fabric, this is fantastic and French people are great for beautiful, high quality fabric !

In a nutshell, if you have some doubts about this brand, there is no need. They know what they are doing, they are taking their job seriously and they understand women from head to toe. I think having Kate Hudson as co-founder is a gem for them because she is authentic and demanding. If you demand quality sportwear, comfort and style, Fabletics is the brand for you.


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