The Super Elixir : The key ingredient for a healthy lifestyle !

I really can’t live without this daily green supplement. Since I discovered it and gave it a try, I never, ever regretted my decision. Why ? because this product is doing a fantastic job for me, everyday to restore and boost my energy, to keep my ph balanced and to make me feel confident and healthy. Sounds too good to be true ? Seems like but it really works. I forgot to buy it a few weeks ago and I saw the effects of it immediately. I was tired constantly, not able to wake up early as I used to do, sleep deprived and feeling sluggish, not motivated to do my my daily Tracy Anderson workout, it was a proper nightmare, a deep dive that I couldn’t accept. I didn’t waste my time and bought again The Super Elixir and magic arrived : I found back my mojo, my feisty motivation to be healthy, enjoy life to the fullest and be energised and ready for any new challenge.

What is truly magic and important is this green supplement is 100% healthy. There is no risk to find nasties in this product because all the ingredients are natural… and between us, this is really what we need now, to go back to our roots, eat organic and enjoy at last what is really high quality food. We are bombarded by toxins everyday and we know we need to get back the control of it and quickly for the sake of our lives. Each ingredient in the Super Elixir comes from natural, organic and whole foods and all hand made in Australia… and the cherry on the cake each ingredient has been carefully selected for the properties by Dr Simone Laubscher and calculated to work in perfect balance with one another to support your body and bring it to an alkaline state i.e. without toxins !

There is also the arrival of the Nourishing Protein which come in classic Vanilla. I tried the chocolate one , if you LOVE chocolate, this is for you definitely and it really works as well. However I am more interested in trying the Vanilla version, I like to have the idea to have a protein powder which is creamy, smooth and tasty. In a nutshell, if you have to trust a product, The Super Elixir is this product, the classic one first and if you want to give a try, try the Nourishing Protein, you won’t be disappointed, after all when you also see the body of Elle, this is a obvious statement that the Super Elixir is the key ingredient for a healthy lifestyle !

Credit picture : numinousnegrita.tumblr. com

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