London : tropical weather, I can’t believe it !

Drenched, sweaty, I am dreaming about a cocktail and sunshine to cope with the unexpected,  the temperamental weather. One day we have a heatwave, the day after I was bare legs and wearing flats shoes to be bombarded by pouring rain. I spent the day feet wet and cursing my naivety to believe that summer is here. Today, more cautious than ever I trusted my favorite boots and wore them with a light coat to finish completely sweaty, drenched due to this humid weather in the train, this tropical weather which has no mercy for us poor human beings trying to adjust to its up and downs.

I am telling you, I am ready to be a true Londoner, to have an umbrella, a pair of pointed shoes and my favorite sunglasses in my bag for EVER  !!! Bloody hell, I love Summer but I really forgot that before Summertime, here in London, you have to go through the hot, humid, wet, tropical crisis of the weather before at last enjoy thoroughly Summer!

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