Goodbye pressure, hello serenity !

Yes, the time for racking my brain, deal with unprofessional people, be stressed and challenged by them must end. There is no way you can cope with this constant pressure from work, from the society’s expectations, from the preconceptions of others and smile like stupid people. I am fed up to run, to stress and to cope with that. As simple as that, I decided that I would not give a damn about what people think about me and Goooood I am so glad I did it.

The purpose in life is to make your life extraordinary, be close to your family and friends and live your life intensely with love, light and laugh. Most of the time, you will also meet true friends and disloyal ones. You know when you need some help where to go to and THIS is the sign that in your heart, you know which friends will be in your life for ever. Do not waste time to understand, just move on from your “temporary” friends and your life will be so much better without them!  Trust me.

A bit of meditation, of healthy eating and a brunch with your true friends and serenity will be in your life for a long, long time ! Most importantly embrace your difference, be proud about it and really, don’the give a damn about what people think, it’s so liberating mentally, you cannot imagine ! It’s goodbye pressure, hello serenity !!!

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