Everything will be alright

“You are strong. You are feisty.” I needed to hear these words. I really needed it. Because I felt broken, broken in pieces, by my tears, by my emotions taking over my brain. I couldn’t for a moment accept this stress, this pressure, I  cried. I  let my body release all this tension built in me, I cried because these tears on my cheeks were the sign that it was too much. But these words. Just these words resonate in me so powerfully. Strong. Feisty. Yes I am this person. I would do it. I will pick myself up and come back stronger and feistier. Suddenly I heard the song in the background of the cafe, I heard so distinctively the breeze of the wind, felt its lighter touch on my skin when my inner voice told me : “Everything is going to be alright, everything is going to be alright.” I looked in front of me, noticed the gentle rythm of life around me in the cafe, in the street and I knew, whatever is going to happen, I’ll be alright.

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