Celebrate your life

Friday…we all have been waiting for this day meaning that the weekend will start soon…AT LAST! I don’t know for you but I had a pretty hectic week highlighted by high and lows and I congratulate myself (you have to instead of beating yourself up!) that I managed to keep my head above the water. Now it’s time… the sun is showing up, unexpected, unpredictable more and more evidencing that Summer is not too far away. The time to chill out, go on holiday, let your hair down, walking down the beach, throw in the ocean all your doubts and worries, seriously I cannot wait for this season to arrive.

I went to Brighton last week and oh my god, first time ever, first love for the seaside in United Kingdom. I really enjoyed discovering this beautiful town and love the seaside (except the pebbles, I defnitely prefer sandy, sandy beaches !!) but let’s go back to my point.

Whatever the challenges, the up and downs that we experience, it is fundamental to remember each day that we have a fucking luck to be alive, to be healthy and to have the guts to make our life extraordinary. Some do not have this chance or this boldness and, this is why I try as much as I can to celebrate every day to be alive, healthy, surrounded by my family and friends… and to live with a lots of love, joy and light. Have a fabulous Friday  guys and a fantastic weekend !

Picture credit : unlimited-photos.com

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