Capricci : That’s amore !

I love Italian food . Why ? because their food in its simplicity becomes refined , because they have an approach to life that is reflected in their dishes, good, simple and fun. Their cheeses leave me speechless while their local products are mouth-watering . All this makes me want to taste, savor their dishes with the honor they should have. I discovered a small deli/Italian restaurant with my Italian colleague that swept our doubts and exceeded our expectations. Reception ? welcoming. Service ? flawless. Quality ? unbelievable ! Taste ? an explosion of flavors cleverly combined to delight you and give you pleasure !

This restaurant/deli is the result of 30 years experience to seek the highest quality products and ingredients in Italy and to make you discover and enjoy the delicacy of the Italian cooking. I love eating quality food and went back several times and have never been disappointed. I discover every time the Italian products and their innate talent to make a tasty and succulent dish.

The menu is changing on a weekly basis and this is a dream come true : eating Italian in a relaxed, cosy atmosphere and enjoy a high quality meal. Everything is made or coming from Italy and you know that Italy like France is the nestle of the gastronomy . Each time I am going to Capricci , I  am leaving happy, rested as if I took a mini break from the hustle and bustle of London. Time is slowing down and I can reflect on the past days and think clearly, calmly without interruption. A little haven to eat and restore my energy.

You can also buy some products in Capricci to savor them comfortably nestled in your sofa. I  needed frankly to share this best kept secret with you because it’s too good to be hidden ! You have to enjoy the deliciousness of their menu to fully appreciate the Italian food. This is not something to be missed or forgotten. The cherry on the cake is that their prices are more than reasonable for your budget when you want to indulge yourself with good, very good , excellent quality food. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and everything to win !

Capricci – Buon Gusto Italiano, 72, Block C NEO Bankside, 70 Holland Street, London SE1 9 NX

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Capricci : un régal pour vos papilles !

J’adore manger italien. Pourquoi ?  parce que leur cuisine par sa simplicité en devient raffiné, parce qu’ils ont une approche de la vie qui se reflète dans leurs plats, du bon, du simple et du plaisir. Leurs fromages me laissent pantoise tandis que les produits de leur terroir me mettent l’eau à la bouche. Tout cela me donne envie de déguster, savourer leurs mets avec l’honneur qu’il se doit. J’ai découvert ainsi une petite épicerie/restaurant italien avec ma collègue italienne qui a balayé nos doutes et dépassé nos attentes. Accueil ? cha-leu-reux ! Service? sans faute ! Qualité ? incroyable ! Goût ? une véritable explosion de saveurs savamment combinés pour vous ravir et vous donner du plaisir !

Amoureuse de manger des mets de qualité, j’y suis retournée plusieurs fois et je n’ai jamais été déçue. Je découvre à chaque fois les produits du terroir italien et leur talent inné pour rendre un plat appétissant et succulent. Il n’ y a rien à dire, c’est vraiment à essayer et le bonus, vous avez une variété de produits italiens de qualité que vous pouvez acheter pour les déguster tranquillement chez vous. La cerise sur le gâteau, c’est que leurs prix sont vraiment raisonnables au regard des produits de qualité qu’ils utilisent. Je vous recommande vivement de régaler vos papilles chez Capricci.

Capricci – Buon Gusto Italiano, 72, Block C NEO Bankside, 70 Holland Street, London SE1 9 NX

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La chipie de Caudalie a encore fait des siennes!

1605n6_vs_range_uk_02.jpgSacrée chipie va!  Elle  a encore frappé pour me tenter à nouveau de l’avoir dans ma salle de bain. Elle est mignonne parée des couleurs du Sud, légère en texture pour les peaux sensibles et me donne envie de changer my skincare routine rien que pour elle! Un  véritable appel aux vacances, farniente et vacances dans le Sud. Elle revient encore plus personnalisée pour le bonheur de ma bambina de peau qui est un tantinet sensible. Comment voulez-vous avec tout ça que je ne craque pas…serieusement !!!!! Happy Friday ladies !

Ohhh for the love of God!!!

What’s the matter with them ? Why, when it’s time to learn and listen, they become real drama queens raising their concerns, worries as if these minor things will change their world ? I don’t get it and I start to be increasingly annoyed by them.

I used to treat their diatribes lightly, still, however open to understand and calm down their worries but this time I reached my boundaries. I accumulated progressively infuriated resentment, anger when they are jumping to conclusions and making fucking assumptions…and trust me it’s not nice to see me furious, the dark force is within me and my eyes are speaking more than my words ! Today I realised that I needed to speak my mind, spill the beans and re-adjust the situation…and I did it…feeling still annoyed but at least more peaceful than before.

What I learned is that  I need to observe, OK, but always act quickly to communicate and stop to drama, bring them back to reality, shake them ( if I can) and make them understand the stupidity of their comments. They are lovely, generous, attentive and understandable BUT when it’s time to deal with their children , THIS is another matter. Oh by the way, I am talking about men, men in general who can lose the plot when their bundles of joy challenge their boundaries everyday!

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Mangajo : a bunch of goodness in one drink !

Mangajo, what’s this name bring to your mind ? Novelty, travel, exotism, india ? If these words pop in your mind you’ re not too far from the truth. The same thoughts pop in my mind and also a real curiosity for this new product.

I discovered this drink with my man at Planet Organic. One day, he decided to give it a try because he wanted to drink green tea differently. Mangajo made a huge difference to the manner I drink tea now. We have always the picture of the classic green tea we used to take in coffee, bars or restaurants most of the time sour, strong and not really pleasant. It is only when I discovered Choi Tea Time that I started to fully appreciate drinking green tea. A tea which is light, delicate and so full of flavours, taking the time to drink green tea is like a real ceremony, a real time to enjoy this delicate and so healthy tea. It is where Mangajo added a punch of colours and taste to this majestic tea. With a bunch from lemon, pomegranate or acai bverry , the founder of Mangajo created a refreshing blend of green tea and fruits. No nasties, no sugar added, just the natural blend of healthy fruits and green tea. Sounds like a dream, isn’t it ? Not really. I assure you. This is real and good for us. This beverage is refreshing, a real bunch of goodness and ohhhhh we are drinking green tea, the tea by excellence famous to boost weight loss, source of powerful antioxidants to protect us and help to preserve our health to its optimum.

Mangajo is a burst of hydration with the bonus to taste even better ! With the summer, there is no better way to hydrate yourself with a refreshing beverage not only tasty but fabulously healthy ! I really recommend you to give it a try, you would not be disappointed and you have the choice between different blends which are all of them different and so fresh ! Try it, you have nothing to lose !

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A must have in your bathroom : green clay

When I was 15 years old, I have been introduced to this clay by my dad who showed me the benefits to purify my skin once a week. He used to spend a lot of time in organic shops and was keen to protect his skin naturally. I have to say, at first I was quite doubtful about it, in addition it wasn’t too pleasant but my skin… I was speechless… my skin was even, more radiant in a natural way, in a nutshell beautiful. I never suffered of acne until I started to enter in my thirties and once again green clay has been my saviour !

Since then, I always believe that using the natural resources we have is the best for my skin and nature did not disappoint me ! Green clay is the most purifying clay we may have. It is a lifesaver for oily skin or skin with acne.

Mountain Rose Herbs says: “French Green Clay also sometimes traded as Sea Clay is by far one of the most majestic, most effective, and most Our French green clay has enormous absorbent powers due to the constitution of its micro molecules.”

As a deep cleanser, it literally pulls out the dead cells from the skin and contributes to a healthy circulation of the new cells. As a result your skin is smoother, even and radiant naturally. We are bombarded everyday by toxins in our environment, our food or even in our skincare routine, for this reason it is vital to let our skin breathe, to use green clay which is a lifesaver to detox deeply your skin from the toxins accumulated in our cells. Each time, I feel tired, moody and my skin is losing her natural light, I use green clay to give her a detox boost. Not only my skin will be purified but she will absorb more easily and efficiently my other “adorable” products, part of my skincare routine.

French Green Clay is a 100% natural bio-organic material and contains a cornucopia of valuable elements, with several important mineral oxides, magnesium, calcium, potassium, dolomite, silica, manganese, phosporous, silicon, copper, and selenium. There are also other green clays like bentonite clay  but so far French green clay is my favourite.

If you have a sensitive skin, I would recommend you to use the pink clay, less harsh on your skin that green clay but also efficient. I used alternatively both clays depending of the state of my skin. To have access to a natural,  organic product which is purifying and make your skin more beautiful than ever, you know that  green clay is a must have in your bathroom and for your skincare routine.

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If you demand quality sportwear, comfort and style, Fabletics is for you !

It’s rare that I found a product or a brand which truly live up to my expectations. I mean, we have plenty of choice and this does not mean that we are entirely happy about the products and services that we are using… seriously ! More the time is flying by, more I became increasingly demanding in terms of quality, comfort and result. I have to share this with you. Today again my favorite personal trainer Tracy Anderson challenged me once again and exceeded my expectations. When you drenched with sweat, having difficulty to follow her moves, you know that she’s the master of her TA method and there is a long way to go before you will be disappointed by her. She is telling the truth and she delivers. As simple as that with her streaming. Dear readers, forgive me for this digression, I just finished my workout.

Quality, comfort, style, these are the words popping in my mind when I think about Fabletics. I have to share this with you. I never, ever before tried to buy sportwear online. I considered myself curvy before and didn’t dare to jump on this wagon. I managed to find nice sportwear but buying online, no way ! However, since I am slimming down and going back to my size pre baby and saw countless women praising some brand sportwear like Fabletics, Liquido Active, Fit Mama, Sweaty Betty, I decided to give it a try. Let me tell you, Fabletics exceeded my expectations… and my expectations are pretty high. You have variety, style, comfort and reasonable price (when you become a VIP member). I am one of them and the personalised outfits they suggest to you are brilliant. As a VIP member, you are not obliged to buy every month, you just need to skip before the 5th of the month and it’s done !

I bought leggings, sport bra, accessories and I alway happy about my orders. It’s really a pleasure to receive a legging which fits you immediately, comfortable and so flattering. Finito worries, doubt or concerns, you can at last trust a brand which will live up to your expectations. I just bought the Hamilton long sweatpant and… oh myyyyyyyy I tried it immediately and magic happened : I am in love with it. Designed in California, it is made of cozy French terry fabric with a relaxed fit, it’s flattering, comfy and created with French fabric, this is fantastic and French people are great for beautiful, high quality fabric !

In a nutshell, if you have some doubts about this brand, there is no need. They know what they are doing, they are taking their job seriously and they understand women from head to toe. I think having Kate Hudson as co-founder is a gem for them because she is authentic and demanding. If you demand quality sportwear, comfort and style, Fabletics is the brand for you.


The Super Elixir : The key ingredient for a healthy lifestyle !

I really can’t live without this daily green supplement. Since I discovered it and gave it a try, I never, ever regretted my decision. Why ? because this product is doing a fantastic job for me, everyday to restore and boost my energy, to keep my ph balanced and to make me feel confident and healthy. Sounds too good to be true ? Seems like but it really works. I forgot to buy it a few weeks ago and I saw the effects of it immediately. I was tired constantly, not able to wake up early as I used to do, sleep deprived and feeling sluggish, not motivated to do my my daily Tracy Anderson workout, it was a proper nightmare, a deep dive that I couldn’t accept. I didn’t waste my time and bought again The Super Elixir and magic arrived : I found back my mojo, my feisty motivation to be healthy, enjoy life to the fullest and be energised and ready for any new challenge.

What is truly magic and important is this green supplement is 100% healthy. There is no risk to find nasties in this product because all the ingredients are natural… and between us, this is really what we need now, to go back to our roots, eat organic and enjoy at last what is really high quality food. We are bombarded by toxins everyday and we know we need to get back the control of it and quickly for the sake of our lives. Each ingredient in the Super Elixir comes from natural, organic and whole foods and all hand made in Australia… and the cherry on the cake each ingredient has been carefully selected for the properties by Dr Simone Laubscher and calculated to work in perfect balance with one another to support your body and bring it to an alkaline state i.e. without toxins !

There is also the arrival of the Nourishing Protein which come in classic Vanilla. I tried the chocolate one , if you LOVE chocolate, this is for you definitely and it really works as well. However I am more interested in trying the Vanilla version, I like to have the idea to have a protein powder which is creamy, smooth and tasty. In a nutshell, if you have to trust a product, The Super Elixir is this product, the classic one first and if you want to give a try, try the Nourishing Protein, you won’t be disappointed, after all when you also see the body of Elle, this is a obvious statement that the Super Elixir is the key ingredient for a healthy lifestyle !

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London : tropical weather, I can’t believe it !

Drenched, sweaty, I am dreaming about a cocktail and sunshine to cope with the unexpected,  the temperamental weather. One day we have a heatwave, the day after I was bare legs and wearing flats shoes to be bombarded by pouring rain. I spent the day feet wet and cursing my naivety to believe that summer is here. Today, more cautious than ever I trusted my favorite boots and wore them with a light coat to finish completely sweaty, drenched due to this humid weather in the train, this tropical weather which has no mercy for us poor human beings trying to adjust to its up and downs.

I am telling you, I am ready to be a true Londoner, to have an umbrella, a pair of pointed shoes and my favorite sunglasses in my bag for EVER  !!! Bloody hell, I love Summer but I really forgot that before Summertime, here in London, you have to go through the hot, humid, wet, tropical crisis of the weather before at last enjoy thoroughly Summer!

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Goodbye pressure, hello serenity !

Yes, the time for racking my brain, deal with unprofessional people, be stressed and challenged by them must end. There is no way you can cope with this constant pressure from work, from the society’s expectations, from the preconceptions of others and smile like stupid people. I am fed up to run, to stress and to cope with that. As simple as that, I decided that I would not give a damn about what people think about me and Goooood I am so glad I did it.

The purpose in life is to make your life extraordinary, be close to your family and friends and live your life intensely with love, light and laugh. Most of the time, you will also meet true friends and disloyal ones. You know when you need some help where to go to and THIS is the sign that in your heart, you know which friends will be in your life for ever. Do not waste time to understand, just move on from your “temporary” friends and your life will be so much better without them!  Trust me.

A bit of meditation, of healthy eating and a brunch with your true friends and serenity will be in your life for a long, long time ! Most importantly embrace your difference, be proud about it and really, don’the give a damn about what people think, it’s so liberating mentally, you cannot imagine ! It’s goodbye pressure, hello serenity !!!