Your skin is kaputt? Clarins created the solution !

Girls, Ladies I was lucky to do some shopping in Normandy when I noticed this new skincare product created by Clarins. I have to say, it is firstly the package and the vibrant colors (orange, blue and green) who attracted my eye or should I say my attention. I  started to look attentively at it and asked some questions about it to the Clarins team. In a nutshell, depending of the reason of your bambina de peau bien kaputt, you have three options : energise,  detox or repair your skin. What I appreciated is the detail of each event which can lead to use one of these boosters, for example if you are living in a big city quite polluted, the booster detox is for you. Or if you are a mum running all over the place to juggle family and career, you surely would need to use the Booster Energy.

More importantly, it is in fact a booster for your current skincare routine, a real and performant  therapy for a temporary period where Mr Clarins will play its role to make your bambina de peau more beautiful than ever and give you this glow that we’re all looking for ! A nice promise when spring is in the air and we can’t wait to be ready for summer! Given that Mr Clarins has the talent to always make us happy, I am pretty sure that this new skincare product will do its job perfectly.

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