The Longevity Book from Cameron Diaz


There are some days whatever your frustration, your annoyance, there are persons having the power to make you smile, hope and believe that everything will be alright, for me Cameron Diaz is one of them, she’s real, authentic and honest. Her new book written with the co-author Sandra Bark is out now and her curiosity and willpower to understand what is ageing lead to the creation of her second book : The Longevity Book: The  Science of Aging, the Ability of Strength, and the Privilege of Time.

I just read a sample and I am already dragged into it. The short paragraph I read touched my heart in a surprising way as if her level of maturity, wisdom and experience in life gave me the urge to look attentively to the message she is carrying in her new book,I felt intuitively that her voice, her words deeply resonate in me , to be more knowledgeable about ageing, more importantly, ageing gracefully and do what it takes to live longer and to the fullest. In a nutshell, knowledge is power and I would rather living longer than be lured into this eternal taboo of ageing and live in fear, worries and waste my time to fight against a natural process, part of my life as a human being.

Life is a challenge but it it is so worth it. I will read firstly her book,  Pretty Happy of Kate Hudson will wait.I will listen to my heart, read it and learn more about myself…and I will share with you my future review !


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