Wine, chocolate and my body

I used to go to bed early, most of the time tired and more than happy to rejoindre les bras de Morphee. But my discipline in terms of food, my internal combat to move on from events wasting my emotional energy created a need to relax with a glass of good red wine and one square of dark chocolate.I love red wine but didn’t expect to make an habit to drink red wine everyday…which finally for my own relief I am not doing because I relax but found myself a bit too lost and fuzzy.

I hate losing control so easily, so I prefer to enjoy my glass of red wine at home in front of a good movie. It seems like unconsciously that I decided to watch again the movies related to Marvel heroes, Avengers Assemble, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor.

Sometimes the need to be entertained is stronger than anything to chill out and realise that finally this day was no so bad. However, today my body demands rest. For this reason, I am leaving you to feel asleep in a few minutes and wish you a FANTASTIC day for tomorrow !

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