Unlock your inner power with Tamily

I realised the true power of support, kindness, love between women and women are a force to be reckoned with. Since December 2015, I jumped overexcited on the wagon to follow the current workouts of Tracy Anderson via streaming. Let me enlighten you, I never, ever regretted my decision, to the contrary I am so overjoyed with love and gratitude for Tracy Anderson as well as the countless women worldwide who are dedicated to her method and are all of them beautiful, generous and supportive.

thefashionspot.com Tracy Anderson studio

From the start, I built my strength with each workout changing every Thursday doing the advanced or beginner Masterclass. Seeing these smart women working out consistently and with such gusto made me speechless. Their love and dedication to Tracy Anderson Method push your boundaries, challenge you as well as listen to your body. I really think that I would never have achieved the level of commitment for Tracy Anderson Method without all these women entitled Tamily. The concept of working out 5 or 6 days is completely outdated for me now. If I can workout everyday, I will. However I always listen to my body, if my body is screaming for rest, I am not crazy to workout again and have an injury, this is stupid and dangerous. 

To unlock your inner power, love and support are the key elements to achieve your goals. There is nothing better that a group of women united by the same love and commitment for a revolutionary method who empower them daily. Working out is not to wear a bikini in summer, working out is now part of my lifestyle like taking a shower every day. This is not a chore but a real need to connect my mind and my body and to start my day, energised, positive and full of joy. How can you let yourself down when other women are waking up to the dawn to do their workouts ? You can’t !! No comment. I always glad I moved my body instead of procrastinating. 

Ultimately  how I am feeling now ?

  • I am starting to have a goddess body because Tracy Anderson is sculpting my body daily
  • I am feeling incredibly powerful and ready to live the life I want it to be.
  • I said au revoir to all my insecurities for ever !

Don’t tell me that you are not tempted, even slightly intrigued to find out about this fabulous method !!

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