International Women’s Day

You know this moment that you are craving for months, that you don’t expect at all has the nerves to appear like a nice and welcoming surprise ! Your kitchen is clean , your husband felt asleep on the sofa and your daughter is snoring nicely between a few coughs. I am hearing from a long distance the sound of police siren which vanish in the cold night. I am feeling a  bit drowsy, but in a happily way, relieved to let my shoulders relax and to enjoy the peaceful silence around me. I love my man and my daughter enormously but I am glad to have some time to be alone with my thoughts, to let my mind wander.


Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal

Today is International Women’s Day and I would love that the celebration of women would not be only for one day, but a daily quest for women to stay strong and smart, support each other and change the world. We have a real ability to be powerfully resilient, to learn from our mistakes and to reach our goals when we put our mind to it.

We should be there for each other to realise we are fighting the same matters every day under different forms. How many times I realised with my friends that wherever we are, we are experiencing the same issues in our relationships,  at work and with our families…it can be surprising/startling as well as scary but this a real gem/asset to go beyond these issues and emerge of them triumphant.

Stand up for myself, be respected is what I am striving everyday, it is a work in progress and it is fundamental for each of us to speak their mind, be heard and respected. Be proud of what you are, believe in yourself and promote your career. If you’re not going to do it, who is going to do it for you ? Nobody !! an excellent reason to drive your career, your life the way you want it to be. Happy International Women’s Day.







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