Hydrofit : A new entertaining way to tone your body


Imagine just for a moment : you managed to get a free session to try a new workout completely high tech and full of potential to destroy your cellulite, what will you do? jump on this occasion or snuggle in your sofa under your comfy blanket with a hot chocolate in your hands ? Keen to try something new, I chose the first option and I came back pleased with the experience. Let me explain, you are going to bike in a high tech bath tub with water until your hips and chill out by watching TV, in a nutshell a good session of aquabiking in the privacy of an individual cabin. Hummm, I know a bit different from other workouts but this is just the start.

Medically proven, it is entirely a real cardiovascular exercise which will make you burn around 500 calories in 30 minutes. Such exercise  will increase your muscles tonicity, effectively erases your cellulite and the action of the jets are performing a lymphatic drainage. For the women having a really sensitive skin, please note that the water into the cabin is an efficient anti-bacterian which creates additionally a micro peeling of your skin which is  I have to say the cherry on the cake !


I enjoyed this workout because it was different, original and particulary custom made. You decide if you want to work hard, slow or just enjoy this experience and watching tv at the same time. To tell you, I enjoyed it so much that I started to have my own karaoke and be pretty competitive to do at least 10k in 30 minutes, it was a challenge but with a good music in your headphones, you are creating your own world and can work out in peace, it’s great ! To be honest, it’s entertaining  and fun.

For the price, it’s really depending of your budget, I have already a gym membership and I am doing the Tracy anderson method. Even if interested, I couldn’t see myself to take a membership now…but… if you want to be ready to show off your toned legs next summer, Hydrofit (www.hydrofit.co.uk) is a fun and efficient workout to keep in mind !

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