A painful experience

ad5a39c163773b1fd2ad5c94a16583a7I am so much in pain you cannot imagine….yes, I am still sore from my last workout even myself I cannot believe it ! I wanted to do something different to wake up  my body, one thing is sure, this is definitely done !!! For every normal movement i.e. to walk or to sit, I am feeling deeply each of my muscle move in harmony, only this normal process makes me wince constantly. I am taking my protein powder to reduce the pain but this solution is slow to show its results. I also tried to massage my muscles but just the touch of my daughter’s feet on my leg gives me the urge to scream in pain.

I have to admit, I didn’t expect for my muscles to react so drastically but I didn’t do a strength training session for a long time…I discovered in my last workout session the weight and the challenge to workout with kettlebells. To my surprise, I completely feel my body challenged by this workout and started to sweat quickly. As my first session, I was nonetheless impressed by the real challenge to keep up with the kettlebells and by the personal trainer, focused that each one of us has a « real » workout. I really didn’t expect to be so much in pain even after two days after this session.

You can understand that after that, the last two days were rest days for me, just to walk stairs is for me like to climb up a mountain, this is ridiculous, I am working like a penguin and I am fighting to keep up with my dynamic daughter, bloody hell, I am telling you next time, my new workout will be Power Plate, I don’t expect (hopefully) to suffer so much ! I know that ultimately to be so sore is proving that my body will be stronger tomorrow but still…

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