Observe, Listen, Act

Malika Favre/undermatic.com
Malika Favre/undermatic.com

Since I came back from work, I am learning to preserve my good mood, my enthusiasm and my optimism. I decided to stop mourning and/or complaining on the poor state of the processes to focus my energy on what really matters : my projects and my team. Beyond the politics, the diplomacy to navigate and obtain what you want, I finally realised that I like my work until a certain point. When the laziness of others push your frustration to be the cherry on the cake, it’s time to step back, breathe and go outside to take some fresh air… in a nutshell learn to chill out again. Thankfully, I didn’t reach this state of mind yet but at least I know when it’s time for me to relax.

On the other side, by coming back from my holiday, peaceful and happy, I re-learnt to observe and fully realise the environment around me, in the sense that the open floor was pretty quiet and agreable to focus on complex matters for one time.I am really in love with my ability to be in control as well as in harmony with my environment. It is the feeling to be aware and enjoy the present. Furthermore, my awareness makes me more perceptive of the drama (sometimes) happening/occuring around me just by listening : gossips, conflicts, angry calls, tempered control, senior management crisis etc. The most interesting thing in this drama is to perceive the tone of the atmosphere or mood of your colleagues. By observing and listening, I know when it’s time to act or react. Not only you can intervene at the perfect/right moment but you’re still in control (believe me, I am not a control freak ! but it’s good sometimes to lead the situation).

We used to observe, listen and act without even notice it because we are so stressed, pressurized by urgent projects or deadlines, however the ability to realise it allows us to step back, to pause and to regain a sense of control and normality that we all aspire to. You empower yourself thanks to your ability to observe, listen and act…and this is an amazing feeling trust me !

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