Beautiful day


It’s good to feel the sun on my skin, to enjoy a transitional weather where the hopes of everybody can be fulfilled. A bit of sun, warmth and blue sky and we don’t even notice that today is the last day of October Halloween Day. I can’t resist to enjoy such a day with my daughter to let her run, jump and discover the world around her. Today is a day for me, to be aware, enjoy each minute and feeling grateful for the life I have. Enjoy this beautiful day !

Bravo Stylist !

wpid-20151018_145913.jpgI just left Stylist Live event located at the Business Design Centre five minutes from Angel tube station… and I really had a good time. Initially, I  was more focused to attend the workshops I was interested by but I mingled, chatted with the Stylist Beauty Editor (so nice and approachable), heard the opinion of experts, entrepreneurs and writers and truly feel inspired to follow my dreams and make it real. I enjoyed my glass of prosecco, took advantage of the Shopping Area where I bought my adorable, They’re Real de Benefit and bought some beauty products from Caudalie. Everything has been reunited in a same space to celebrate Stylist and give the tips for any woman to leave this event feeling beautiful, confident, pampered and empowered. Bravo Stylist ! Looking forward to seeing your next Stylist event !

A painful experience

ad5a39c163773b1fd2ad5c94a16583a7I am so much in pain you cannot imagine….yes, I am still sore from my last workout even myself I cannot believe it ! I wanted to do something different to wake up  my body, one thing is sure, this is definitely done !!! For every normal movement i.e. to walk or to sit, I am feeling deeply each of my muscle move in harmony, only this normal process makes me wince constantly. I am taking my protein powder to reduce the pain but this solution is slow to show its results. I also tried to massage my muscles but just the touch of my daughter’s feet on my leg gives me the urge to scream in pain.

I have to admit, I didn’t expect for my muscles to react so drastically but I didn’t do a strength training session for a long time…I discovered in my last workout session the weight and the challenge to workout with kettlebells. To my surprise, I completely feel my body challenged by this workout and started to sweat quickly. As my first session, I was nonetheless impressed by the real challenge to keep up with the kettlebells and by the personal trainer, focused that each one of us has a “real” workout. I really didn’t expect to be so much in pain even after two days after this session.

You can understand that after that, the last two days were rest days for me, just to walk stairs is for me like to climb up a mountain, this is ridiculous, I am working like a penguin and I am fighting to keep up with my dynamic daughter, bloody hell, I am telling you next time, my new workout will be Power Plate, I don’t expect (hopefully) to suffer so much ! I know that ultimately to be so sore is proving that my body will be stronger tomorrow but still…

Observe, Listen, Act

Malika Favre/
Malika Favre/

Since I came back from work, I am learning to preserve my good mood, my enthusiasm and my optimism. I decided to stop mourning and/or complaining on the poor state of the processes to focus my energy on what really matters : my projects and my team. Beyond the politics, the diplomacy to navigate and obtain what you want, I finally realised that I like my work until a certain point. When the laziness of others push your frustration to be the cherry on the cake, it’s time to step back, breathe and go outside to take some fresh air… in a nutshell learn to chill out again. Thankfully, I didn’t reach this state of mind yet but at least I know when it’s time for me to relax.

On the other side, by coming back from my holiday, peaceful and happy, I re-learnt to observe and fully realise the environment around me, in the sense that the open floor was pretty quiet and agreable to focus on complex matters for one time.I am really in love with my ability to be in control as well as in harmony with my environment. It is the feeling to be aware and enjoy the present. Furthermore, my awareness makes me more perceptive of the drama (sometimes) happening/occuring around me just by listening : gossips, conflicts, angry calls, tempered control, senior management crisis etc. The most interesting thing in this drama is to perceive the tone of the atmosphere or mood of your colleagues. By observing and listening, I know when it’s time to act or react. Not only you can intervene at the perfect/right moment but you’re still in control (believe me, I am not a control freak ! but it’s good sometimes to lead the situation).

We used to observe, listen and act without even notice it because we are so stressed, pressurized by urgent projects or deadlines, however the ability to realise it allows us to step back, to pause and to regain a sense of control and normality that we all aspire to. You empower yourself thanks to your ability to observe, listen and act…and this is an amazing feeling trust me !

Compliments sur compliments

Hé oui c’est rare mais quand on les reçoit, ça fait toujours plaisir non ? D’ailleurs c’est la raison pour laquelle j’en parle parce qu’il faut s’en rappeler quand on commence à être trop dur avec nous-mêmes.

Mes efforts pour affiner ma taille ont porté leurs fruits et vous savez quoi ? au début je ne l’ai même pas remarqué !! C’est mon entourage et ma famille qui ont commencé à me complimenter que là, je me suis dit “something is going on”. Tracy Anderson a encore tenu ses promesses et ça fait du bien au coeur et au moral de pouvoir faire confiance à ma personal trainer jusqu’à maintenant. Elle m’inspire et me pousse à me dépasser et à devenir ce que je veux être.

Je suis pour autant toujours une apprentie yogi, adore le Bodycombat (j’ai besoin d’en faire chaque semaine) et danse toujours avec ma choupette quand l’envie nous prend, it is so much fun !

Côté style, j’ai coupé mes cheveux et me sens libérée, free, débarrassée de ce bagage négatif (un mix de frustration, ressentiment, colère) que je gardais avec moi. Depuis cette décision, j’ai reçu aussi compliment sur compliments que ce style me va bien, that I am pretty, more confident and stronger as a woman…and strangely this is true, I am feeling empowered because I know what is truly essential for me and what I want to do of my life. The feeling to reach this step is exhilarating and powerful.

I really wish for each of you to reach this step, this state of mind when you know what will make your life extraordinary and exciting, keep in mind compliments when you are feeling down, it is a boost to maintain your positive energy.