A glowing skin with Antonia Burrell



Recently, my skin started to suffer seriously of my hectic lifestyle. Used to have a skin without breakouts, I recently started to see my skin suffer of my lack of attention and especially tiredness. I decided to look for a gentle and efficient face scrub and I did some research before to make a decision. I found it particularly difficult to find a skin product gentle enough for ma bambina de peau and also efficient to give me back the glow of my skin.  I am allergic to many natural ingredients and I need constantly to double check the ingredients used for any new skin product in order to ensure that they will respect the sensitivity of my skin. For this reason, I am really faithful to a skin product when I discover a fantastic product which makes ma bambina de peau happy!

I decided to give a try with the Polishing Powder of Antonia Burrell after managing to buy this face scrub at Harvey Nichols. I was quite lucky to find it because it was the last one available over there. My god, despite all the checks I am always wary to try a new product… but I tried it and by miracle my bambina de peau reacted well after using it.

Antonia Burrell is a London based holistic facialist. She is the founder of the Antonia Burrell skincare line, 100% made with natural plants, herb and flower extracts, entirely free of “nasties” like parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic chemicals or fragrances. Ethically sourced and sustainable, her skincare line will protect, nourish and restore the glow, the natural beauty of your skin.

I have to say, this is the first time I noticed an immediate effect on my skin, my skin was so smooth, so instantly beautiful. To be honest, I am still amazed by the results. Even after a few days, if you’re looking after your skin, this exfoliating powder is boosting the effect of your skincare products. Your skin completely purified from impurities can enjoy the benefits of your other products, my skin was more smooth, moisturised and flawless than ever. It is when you truly see the results of an exfoliating powder that you realise again, exfoliating your skin is essential not only for the health and beauty of your skin… but also for your confidence ! My overall complexion is more radiant and brighter, my skintone is more even… I am still in awe of the fantastic results of this polishing powder.

This product is the best exfoliating powder I am using. My skin is naturally glowing, thank you Antonia!! I strongly recommend you to buy it, you will be amazed by the results ! I just can’t stop raving about it… because this is truly an incredible product.