Je viens de découvrir cet article et je trouve l’idée excellente de pouvoir avoir une belle peau grâce au yoga ! Deux ou trois des positions sont un challenge mais je suis sûr qu’avec la pratique, everybody can do it !!!
J’essayerai de faire ces poses pour ma bambina de peau ! 😉
I just discovered this article and I found brilliant to get a beautiful skin with yoga.Some of the poses are challenging but I am sure with regular practise, everybody can do it !! 😉
I will definitely try theses poses !


Winter months can wreak havoc on our skin. The cold temperatures, dry indoor heat and stress of the holidays all can add to inflammation and skin problems. Yoga to the rescue! Yoga gives us a youthful glow and can help restore our skin during this time of year.

Have you ever noticed how your skin just seems to shine after a yoga practice? Sun salutations, forward bends and inversions all help improve circulation and blood flow. Our skin is our largest organ and getting our body moving is one of the best ways to nourish it.

Stress can be one of the leading contributors to skin problems. The deep breathing we use while we practice yoga boosts oxygen in our body and can help relax the nervous system. Regularly practicing yoga can help calm us down, which can help reduce the inflammation and stress that speed up the…

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